Jumping on the Blogwagon

Hello world,  I am working on starting my own new blog!

I have had mixed feelings about blogging, and starting one myself, because it sometimes seems like this trend of blogging, tweeting, social networking, and being an exhibitionist has gone crazy.  There’s really enough things to do online already, and enough little hobbies to sink some time into, so I just wasn’t sure I needed to jump on the popular blog wagon.  But I have always loved to journal, take pictures, and share whatever projects I am working on or some delicious dish I just cooked up, with family and friends.

So I am starting this for the purpose of sharing my crafty home and garden projects, recipes, stories, and any new exciting updates in our lives, with our family and whatever friends find their way here.  I think this will be a better online place for me to show and tell than on any social networking site.

I am also starting this for the reason of having a good place to document and log all of my progress as a cook, baker, gardener, and knitter.  And hopefully as the time passes I can look back on here and see my growth and progress and that I’m challenging myself to try new things, and at the same time sharing what I learn.

And hopefully I’ll get to meet a lot of fellow crafty bloggers and chat with whoever clicks their way over here!

Well that’s all for now, for a little introduction and getting my blog-typing fingers wet.  I’ll post some more exciting stuff soon…

Cheers 🙂


6 responses to “Jumping on the Blogwagon

  1. Can’t wait to read about your adventures!

  2. Hi Heather,

    Love the picture and you have a really good way of expressing yourself…can’t wait for for posts!

  3. i know what you mean about blogging… but i’m glad you made the leap and i’ll enjoy reading about all your crafty and cooking goodness. you always make such quality things, i’ll look forward to getting some new inspiration! i think of you everytime mylo wears the little knitted wool hat you made for sam (and that noa wore as well)… sad that phase of baby life is almost done!

    • Thanks Ida, how fun to get a comment from you 🙂 I love that all three of your kiddos have worn that little earflap hat, it looked so darn cute on Sam. I’m so flattered! It’s fun having a blog and I really think it’s a better way to share pictures, projects, recipes, etc., than on facebook.. and a little more personal to have close friends and family visit your blog and see what’s new. btw, you know the peanut butter balls your mom makes and I got the recipe? I’ve been making them lately… they’re the perfect snack 🙂

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