Hooked on Little Baby Loafers

Earlier this winter I held a baby shower for my friend Ashley and made a pair of these little baby button loafers for her baby boy who arrived in February…

Little Button Loafers for Ashley's baby boy

I love them, so little.  This crochet pattern is from Hook Candy and these little red ones are the size 1.  So then I made another pair, which I had in mind for a friend who had a baby girl…

baby girl button loafers

But they’re a little too small already for the babe before I even send them off, should have made the next size up.  So I just posted a picture of them on facebook and right away got requests from two friends of mine, asking if I could make a pair for them.  They both want to give them as a baby shower gift.  So another little pair of these pink loafers have been made up, just like the first pink ones but I added the tan edging around the button flap too, even cuter don’t you think?

more little button loafers

So now I’m starting on the second order, which is for a baby boy and I’m making them with a beautiful blue color that I am loving right now.  I’ve got quite the collection of this Berroco Vintage yarn building up, as I’ve bought five skeins of different colors for making these little gems of baby cuteness 🙂  So after I get unhooked from this hook candy, I’ll have to make myself something with all of this great yarn. 🙂

Are these not the cutest little baby booties you’ve ever seen??


::Details on Ravelry:: Baby boy loafers and Baby girl loafers

::Yarn:Berroco Vintage


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