More Eye Candy

Some friends of mine recently saw a picture of the last pair of Little Button Loafers I made, and soon after I got requests from two friends asking if I could make a pair for them.  One requested a pair for her friend who’s expecting a baby girl, and the other wanted a pair of baby boy loafers for her sister.  This blue color, Berroco Vintage ‘Chambray’ is so nice for a baby boy.

Aren’t they so cute together?  I added the tan trim around the button flap on both of these and I think it really finishes them off well.

On Ravelry here.


6 responses to “More Eye Candy

  1. Kathy Thiesen

    Those are so cute, it makes me wish that I knew how to knit!!!

    • Thanks Kathy! You could definitely do a fun scarf! Have you found out if there’s a local yarn/knit shop where you are? It’d be fun to go in there and get some beautiful yarn and have the ladies in there show you the basics… 🙂 These loafers are crocheted, I had grandma Anne teach me to crochet several yrs ago, I’m glad she did!

      • Kathy Thiesen

        I do know how to crochet (well, sort of). I taught myself when I was in high school and sort of do it backwards. And when I try to do a blanket or scarf, it is usually wider at one end than the other. I think I need lessons in that too! My daughter-in-law knits and loves it, like you do. She has made some really cute things too. I just hesitate to learn because I am so far behind on the projects I have going on now!

  2. Hi Heather, I LOVE these…so cute!!!

  3. looking at the pictures of your baking and cooking and have to say – Will is one lucky man!

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