Felted Oven Mitts for Aunt Connie

I recently made some felted oven mitts for my aunt, and gave them as a late Christmas/ early Birthday gift.  At Christmas time I always have great intentions and ideas of gifts I’m going to make for everyone, and they’re usually late or just get put off for the next year.  So I like to just give gifts at random times, better late than never right?

I knitted and felted the mitts, so they’re knitted extra big, then put in the hot wash machine to felt.  The felting is the really fun part, I love dropping the wooly knits in there and watching them shrink to size and take on their new shape.

These knit up really big, and are a super easy and quick project.  I chose some nice blue and yellow colors to go in my aunt’s french-country style kitchen, in Lamb’s Pride Bulky-weight.  I’m kicking myself for not getting a picture of the fun felting process, but I’ll be sure to get that part next time.  Well this is what they looked like after their hot bubble bath!

They ended up pretty furry.  I’ve knitted and felted with this yarn a lot, but was not remembering how hairy the felted knits end up, due to the 15% mohair.  My next oven mitts will be made with all wool, no mohair.  No one wants oven mitt fuzzies in their food, right?  So I took my husband’s electric shaver to them and gave them a hair cut..

Much better, all clean cut and ready for their appearance in the kitchen with Connie.

About a year ago, my Aunt Kathy made a pair of these for me as part of my bridal shower gift.  I absolutely LOVE them, and use them all the time!!  I love the colors and just how useful they are.

And if you get them a little dirty during use, they can easily be dropped in to some lukewarm water with a drop of dish soap, then rinsed, laid on a towel to dry, and you have perfectly new oven mitts again.

If you knit and are looking for a super easy and quick project, that you can use all year long no matter the weather or the season, I highly recommend making these!  So fun 🙂

::On Ravelry::
Oven Mitts

::Pattern:: Felted Knits by Bev Galeskas

::Yarn::  Lamb’s Pride Bulky

2 responses to “Felted Oven Mitts for Aunt Connie

  1. Thanks Heather, I am sure enjoying them!!! I didn’t know they had a shave before you gave them to me. I’ve always wanted one of your knitting projects so thanks again!

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