Just Me and the Garden

Today I spent the entire sunshiny afternoon and evening gardening.  It was bliss.  Sunny, calm, blue skies, so peaceful.  All by myself, with a little music playing in the garage, and lots of seeds to make their way to their new summer home.  There’s nothing like getting into your own little gardening world for (at least) half the day with no distractions, getting your hands in the dirt, enjoying some nice Spring weather, and planting seeds.  It just connects you with the dirt, the earth, and your organically grown food.  And, fills you with anticipation of waiting to see how they’ll grow and turn into your summer eating delight!

Lately (especially the last couple weeks) I have been devouring all the websites, books, articles, and blogs that I can find, on every different vegetable and herb, starting transplants, sowing seeds straight in the ground, and things like companion planting (good article here).  All in efforts to get a good garden map and plan of action going.  I’m just in a one-track mind lately!  …(So that probably means, if you call me to chat, and not interested in chatting about growing things, don’t be put out to just be hearing stories and updates on the garden, he he..).  🙂

My hubby was away for work today so it was just me and my garden, which I really just can’t get over how much I enjoyed.  I really needed that, it was like therapy.

Chard, Spinach, Butterhead, and Beets

(Well the photos aren’t real exciting yet, just looking all brown and boring… but they’ll get prettier soon!)…

This last weekend we worked on preparing our soil, adding some compost into each raised bed.  But today I got to work up a sweat stirring a little more in, and I got our Spring leafy greens and some root vegetables planted.  Chard, Spinach, Butterhead Lettuce, Chioggia Beets, and some ‘Atomic Red’ carrots, and ‘Cosmic Purple’ carrots.

Most of these seeds are Italian seeds, ‘Franchi‘, we got from my cousin and Aunt, as they sell these each year in their Italian specialty food store, All Things Italian.

A bed for peas and carrots 🙂

I decided on what I think is a pretty smart and efficient way to do carrots.  I have a half of a bed I’m using for carrots, a 4′ by 4′ space.  So rather than doing 4 rows all at once I sowed three rows today, 16″ apart, two rows of red carrots and one of purples, and then three weeks from now I will inter-plant two more rows between them of each carrot variety.  So we’ll get five rows this summer rather than four, and continuous rather than all at once and having to eat carrots all day long and turn into Mr. and Mrs. Peter Rabbit!

We have six raised beds, one of them is taken up by strawberries… (which made their way back from winter pretty nicely)…

So five beds available to fill up.  I have come up with a plan of action for the entire garden, intending on using every square foot of space, plus more with the addition of using several big containers, and some ground space along the fence.

On the agenda for tomorrow/the weekend when my hubby is home and will rota till some ground, is some broccoli rabe, arugula, radishes, and we will get potatoes, asparagus, and peas started.  And probably a couple hills of pumpkins, and some Sweet Pea flowers.  I could have ideally got most of these started up to a week or two ago, but by the time you get all your ducks in a row, your soil amended, and have a nice weather day where your available, it’s May 11 already!

I’ve got to give a big shout out to my husband.  He has really done an impressive job building the garden!  Last year he worked hard building the raised beds, and the fence around with a cute little gate to keep the deer out. It went from this…

To this…

by the end of the summer.  I was also so impressed and happy to not be ran out of my work space when the newly installed sprinkler system started up all the different zones, but was able to stay in there while all the sprinklers went off on our baby green grass lawn, around the garden and not in it!

Well I enjoyed gardening last year, but this year is just heaven with it all built and established, and all the over-whelming wedding planning isn’t hanging over my head!  It will just get better and better each year.

Stay tuned, as more progress and (lusher, greener) photos crop up!

…And if you’ve read this, and are as excited about the gardening and summer season as I am, please tell me… What have you planted in the dirt?   What transplants have you started?  Have you just recently learned any little new and exciting garden tid bit, or have a new found vegetable, herb, or flower you can’t wait to grow this year?



2 responses to “Just Me and the Garden

  1. Looks awesome Heather!!! Thanks for the shout out on the seeds, I hope you enjoy all the new ones you’re growing 🙂

    I really like the gate, that wasn’t there when we visited last summer. Do you have any hops or flowers growing on the lathe part of the gate?

    Happy gardening!

    • Thanks! Last year I planted a hardy Clematis at the bottom of each trellis, and it happens to be growing new little shoots in at the bottom now so guess it survived the winter 🙂 Yeah Will put up the fence and the gate right after we got back from our Canada honeymoon, since we got home and discovered that the deer had been into our newly planted vegetables!

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