The Slipper Fits

Mom’s slippers are finally done.  Felted and fitted.  This was a late Mother’s Day gift.  As I’ve mentioned before, pretty much none of my handmade gifts are done on time!  Someday I will get into the habit of giving the surprise on time.

Anyway, I loved the way this yarn felts up.  The felted Berroco Ultra Alpaca feels really soft and silky on your skin.  And one thing I love, out of the nine pairs of felted slippers I’ve made, the double sole is totally necessary.  It feels so soft and cushy under your feet, and adds life to your slippers.

I love felting.  I love plopping the thing into the hot wash, even the smell of the wet wool (that’s probably something only a knitter would understand), and watching the handknit shrink up and take shape.  It’s really a lot of fun to pull out your new wearable item or accessory, let it dry, and start wearing it.  Whatever it is, it’s going to be sturdy and warm.

The process…

Pre-felting, size xxxl.  Then into the hot, hot wash they go…

Sometimes I set them in a pillowcase to felt halfway down, so the fresh knits don’t get too mangled in the agitating wash…

After a little bit inside the protection of the pillowcase, I take them out to go free in the agitation.  After a few periodic progress checks for size, they’re removed and the water is gently pressed out…

Done!  We were both loving the terra-cotta color, and the heathered flecks of purply-blues that really came out after felting.  Now I think this pair should last her a while with the double sole.  Enjoy, ma!  🙂

::On Ravelry::  Mom’s Slippers

2 responses to “The Slipper Fits

  1. I am so luckcy to recieve these wonderful slippers from such a wonderful daughter for Mother’s day! They look beautiful and fit so perfectly. The other pair were so wonderful that I wore them Too much and the felting wore through under the ball off my foot. I feel really bad that I wore them out but it is hard to put anything else on my feet when I am home and want to be comfortable. The fit of the felted slipper is so custom that it really feels good and also this wool is so soft and not a bit scratchy or anything. Also this wool is very comfortable and doesn’t get too hot. I’m a very proud and happy Mom to get such a wonderful gift and I will enjoy them for many years!

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