My little transplants are not so little anymore and it is time to make their move out into the real world.  Where there is wind, rain, more wind, and potentially frost and hail.  They’ve totally outgrown their space in the home, and are taking up too much room.  I am hardening them off right now and will set them out soon.  It’s been so darn windy and rainy at our place this Spring, hopefully it starts feeling like summer soon so these babies can take off!

This year I did three kinds of tomatoes…

(The photos were taken in the evening, they’re set by the patio door where they get sunlight!).  There are four Cherry Tomato plants, four Beefsteaks, and seven Marglobes.  The Marglobes are my Italian Franchi seeds, which I get here.  I won’t put all of these out in the garden, just 2-3 of each and give the rest to my parents if they want them.

I also did a few zucchinis… more of the Italian Franchi seeds.  I’ve been pretty happy with how well those Franchi seeds do.  Also have some little Serrano Peppers and a couple little Basils, which are (like me) desperate for some warm sun.

Overall they’ve done pretty well.

Note to self–  Things I will do differently next year:
–Have a grow lamp over them when I start the seeds out so they fill out more and not get so leggy and lanky, there’s just not enough sun around these parts in the late winter.
–Pinch off their second set of true leaves when they come in so it sends out more limbs down lower on the stem.
–Also learned to keep the clear plastic lid on over the new seeds only until they germinate, then remove the lid.

Not any real major changes, but it’ll be nice to refer back to my little cyber journal to remember what I did the previous year.

Pretty fun starting your own seeds, anxious to see how they will do out in the garden.



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