Handsome Jackson

Well our little puppy Jackson has settled into his new home with his mama and daddy.  It might sound cheesy, but really it’s been like having a little baby here or a kid.  We are just head over heels for him.

Not that I know exactly what it’s like to have a baby here, but his first night here I had to get up and take him out at 1am, 230, 4, and at 7.  Probably a total of 3 hours of sleep that night.  It’s better now, but the first night was hard in a new place and a new mama.

It’s been five days now with the little guy.  A busy five days.  He is so cute, sweet, fun, soft, and I just love the big floppy paws and ears, the puppy smell and kisses, and how soft and sweet he is in my arms.  He is so full of curiosity, cuteness, innocence, and little noises and actions that just make your heart melt some times.

Now I can’t make it sound like it’s all peaches and a walk in the park.  He is a lot of work, very busy when he’s awake, and I’ve definitely been chasing around pee spots and dirt around the house.  When he’s in play mode he’s full of energy and a little rambunctious.  I have to watch him really close outside, so he doesn’t run off too far and he wants to chew on the plants, grass, weeds, picnic table.  And inside wants to get my shoes, the rugs, drapes, clothes on the floor, and his toys so I have to be actively working with him when he’s awake.  He has been keeping me on my toes!

Will was away for the week with work, so I got him and brought him home Monday evening and he was just all over the place, playing everywhere and in his own little puppy world of new smells, and a new place.  Just in five days he has totally settled in and is at home now and really bonded with us.  It’s like he has kind of woken up to us now and is more attentive to us.

It was really a cute moment when Will came home at the end of the week, after Jackson got used to just me here.  Will came in and Jackson was sleeping on his bed by the kitchen, he looks up and sees Will and is just friendly, sweet, and happy and it’s all kisses and play.  Will could hardly stand it all week not being here and so anxious to get home.

The week has been busy with starting the potty training, chasing him around the house, cleaning up pee, taking him out a few times in the night and he gets me up by 6 or 630 for potty, a walk, play, and breakfast.  I’ve been working with him to get him used to his kennel and get into a routine.  He sleeps in his kennel at night and is in there for 2-3 of his naps throughout the day.  This routine has got him comfortable in there so he likes it and doesn’t cry.  He goes in there when we leave the house too, but we can’t be gone for more than 3 hours, as that’s as long his bladder is good for.  The other couple naps are on his bed by the kitchen, which is featured in the pictures here and he loves that spot.  (Along with the furry squeaky pheasant in most of the pictures, he loves it.)

He has a routine of playing for 1-2 hours, then is wiped out and sleeps for 2-3 hours.  And now does pretty good sleeping through the night, only needing to go out once.  He sleeps a lot, as he’s growing significantly each day.  I can already tell a difference in just five days.  He feels a little heavier when I pick him up, legs looking longer, and is looking bigger.  I really don’t want him to get so big so he can’t fit on our laps and lay on our chest, and I won’t be able to carry and hold him in my arms.  But on the other hand, I am excited for him to be big enough that we can go run, walk, and hike together.  He will make a great running partner for me, and a great hunting companion for Will.  These dogs can put on up to 15 miles a day during hunting season.

We are working with him a lot to get him enough exercise and play.  And working on training him, he is already catching on to his name, come, and sit.  We are still reading the Gun Dog book, and it is really good and specific to this breed of dog, giving a lot of guidance on how to train and teach them, starting at this critical age.

I wish I had video clips for all of the cute moments and the ones that just makes my heart melt.  He does a hoppy run around the yard, tripping on his big paws, runs into the screen door, rolls off the side of the patio, chases his toys around, runs with Will’s old belt in his mouth.  And every once in a while I’m sitting on the patio step watching him play and he’ll notice me sitting there, come up to my lap and just hop up and lay there.

Well that’s enough stories and detailed updates for now, we’re just enjoying the puppy stage because he won’t be this small for long, and he has added so much joy into our home and lives already.  Can’t wait for our adventures together.


6 responses to “Handsome Jackson

  1. Nice addition to your family there!

  2. He’s very cute! We can’t wait to meet Jackson and mom thinks he’ll have lots of fun with Giada.

  3. We are looking forward to seeing you guys and meeting Jackson!

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