A Hat for Mom

I’ve been having a bit of a dry spell lately with my knitting, especially over the summer, but now I’m back into it with all the chilly blustery weather we have been having at home.  Over the summer I did pick out a new exciting project, enthusiastically went to the yarn shop, picked out some yummy yarn, and immediately got to work on it… um, well we got a new puppy.  And there was work, the puppy, gardening, the puppy, and the nice summery weather that really doesn’t inspire and motivate me to get knitting.  So that Whisper Cardigan, that I still really can’t wait to make, is hibernating while I am on a roll with hats and Christmas gifts.

And there are birthday gifts too.  My mom just had her birthday last week so I made this hat for her.  I made a Grammy’s Hat for myself a couple weeks ago with some yarn from my stash, and had to do the same pattern for my mom.  She loves the hat, I love the pattern!  It’s so simple and easy, and has some good texture and style.  The ribbing in it works perfectly for making hats for gifts, since the hat gathers and fits snug on a smaller adult sized head, and stretches to fit a larger size.  And like Tanis mentions on her blog post, the bottom rim is folded up so your ears have double the warmth!  The one I made for myself even fits my husband how he likes them to fit, and that wouldn’t usually happen with just a stockinette stitch style beanie that I usually make.

So far I’ve made a Grammy’s Hat for me, my mom, my nephew, and am now almost done with one for my niece.  I’ll get around to posting pics of them soon, and a pic of mom modeling her hat rather than me!  But for now, I’m just glad that a great hat pattern came around to get me back in the knitting spirit.  =)

::Pattern:: Grammy’s Hat by Tanis Lavallée

::On Ravelry:: here

3 responses to “A Hat for Mom

  1. This looks like a great basic hat! I just downloaded the pattern, because you never know when you’ll need a versatile hat like this. Hope your mom loves it.

  2. I’d like to order one in gray and Mom wants one in red. See you tomorrow! 😉

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