A Misplaced Elf, Perhaps

I’ve been thinking, maybe Santa has misplaced one of his elves from his wood working shop.  One of those handy guys must have made his way down here to live in our garage and help Will build some furniture.  I’m not saying that because I think that he needs the help and guidance from a wood-working expert, but because he built all this in just the last week…

I love finding furniture plans on Ana White‘s site, and we’ve been wanting to build this Coffee Table for a while now.  So Will got busy and built it, along with a couple End Tables and a Sofa Console to go with it.

A lot of Ana White’s furniture plans are made to mimic Pottery Barn furniture, which I why I love them.  This set looks just like their Hyde Coffee Table, the Hyde Side Tables, and their Sofa Console.  $1296 for these four pieces, PB??  Thanks anyway!  =)

I love that they’re solid wood (Pine) and so sturdy.  Also love that Will modified the plans a little to add on a shelf at the bottom of the end tables and the sofa table.

I’m pretty excited about our new furniture!  I’m going to help him with all the sanding and staining this week.  We should be able to put it all to use soon! =)

8 responses to “A Misplaced Elf, Perhaps

  1. So cool..can’t wait to see them stained…maybe Will sould get a second job as a carpenter!

  2. They look great! You should share this post with R&A, R wants to start making some furniture and I don’t know if he’s heard of Ana’s site.

    • Thanks, I think so too! I’ll msg her with the link, and she’ll probably see the pic on fb too 🙂 So glad for Ana’s site, we can have Pottery Barn furniture for a fraction of the price. Most of the cost is in all the power tools, but it pays off in the end!

  3. WOW!!! Those are beautiful! What a handy guy you married!

  4. Great job!!! Everything turned out so fantastic!

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