Photo(s) of the Week {1}

The beginning of my Photo of the Week 2012 series.  Of all the goals I made for myself this New Year, I am most excited about this, and my knitting goals.  I decided that the Photo of the Week post will often be just one photo, but can be more than one.  The pictures have to be taken within the week of the post, Monday through Sunday, and I can’t pull out a photo from any other week.  I’ll be using manual mode and I will shoot for liking it enough straight out of the camera and not fixing it up on the computer much.  …Just to specify a little more. =)

This morning we enjoyed a nice relaxing walk with the dog, and my camera.  I had to really look around for some photos while we were out, as it’s been a rather gray dull day out with no sunshine and just dull flat light, and nothing really spectacular jumping out at me.  Good practice though, to get out and have to really do some looking.


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