Photos of the Week {3}

This last weekend we loaded up Jackson and his sister Ava in the car and met up with some friends at a nearby sledding hill.  All of our furry friends were having fun running all over the place…

We were doggy sitting Jackson’s sister, Ava, over the weekend and she is a little sweetie.  I totally got attached to her after just one day…

They got to run and play with our friend’s doggies…

There was a campfire to keep our hands warm…

There were s’mores for the kids…

And there was a great time had by all the kids…

The girls were getting creative and coming up with their own ideas of what to do for pictures.  It’s good to be around a group of kids at such a fun age, no real big worries in life, just family, friendships, and fun.  You can just see pure joy in all their faces.


4 responses to “Photos of the Week {3}

  1. You really took great pictures…I love the black and white. People would pay for pictures of their kids that are this good!

  2. Heather, LOVE the pictures! and your mom is right- people would pay for pictures that good. You should think about it as another hobby/job- you are good!

    • Thanks so much Libby! That makes me so happy to hear… I think I’ll always feel like I need a ton more practice/experience/knowledge before I see them as anything close to professional grade, but maybe I’ll get there someday. Your kids are great photo subjects though… maybe we can get them dressed up all cute sometime and do a little photo shoot for you =)

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