Photos of the Week {6}

Jackson and Ava, our furry buddies who are brother and sister but think that they are boyfriend and girlfriend, once again had a wonderful weekend full of running and playing their hearts out.  We are doggy sitting Ava again, so the two have ran and played like you wouldn’t believe.  Day one included them playing and wrestling in the back yard for at least eight hours, non-stop.  Today they finally tired out and I managed to get these sweet pics of them, very carefully, as although it looks like there was a sweet cuddly nap here for a while, it only lasted about two minutes.  I had to use some creativity here to get the camera in time and get a shot of them looking so sweet and innocent right before they looked at me and moved.  They are little busy bodies, but so cute and sweet.

I *will* start to get more interesting and exciting pictures to share for my photog project!! =)

4 responses to “Photos of the Week {6}

  1. How fun that you get to get the siblings together! I’m presuming they remember each other from their puppy days? And great photo of them snuggling together on the dog bed!

    • Thanks, I had to be real careful and quick to get that pic, they only stayed like that for about 30 seconds! I’m never really sure if they know they’re brother-sister and remember that, but I think so. Definitely act like best friends with each other though, or boyfriend-girlfriend 🙂 So cute.

  2. Sooo cute. I love Ava’s brown color and she looks like such a girl next to Jackson.

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