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Wilson #3

Is soon to be adopted and brought home!  He is 46 days old right now, the puppies have to be with mama for 49 days so we’ll be going to get him and bring him to his new home and family soon.

What will we call him?  He is Waylon.

We have been back and forth between Waylon, and Jackson.  We like both, so might just put Waylon Jackson on his papers, and call him one or the other.  In that case, he’ll have the same initials as Will.  =)  WJW.

I will have pictures of our little guy soon and an update on his transition.  I’m off to go looking for doggie items that we need to have here at home in order to bring him home!  A kennel, leash, collar, dish, rope toy, bed for the living room, and food.

So excited!

Leave me a comment if you have any thoughts and opinions on the name.  I’d love to hear!