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Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

It’s spring in Montana, so that means there are some yummy treats being made with our rhubarb.  This is our plant’s third season planted here, and I love seeing it come back bigger and better every year.

The leaves and stalks are huge, they took up half of our dining room table.  I froze a lot of berries last summer from our garden and some produce farms in WA that we visited, so with the strawberries I stored away in the freezer I’ve been making Strawberry-Rhubarb Custard Pie lately.  So good, I love the sweet and tart combination.

Just snapped some quick shots with the ol’ iPhone cameras, and this was the last piece of pie so it was kinda falling apart and I didn’t get to take one of it glistening when it was hot out of the oven.

Pie is not usually the first dessert I make at home for me and my hubby, even though I come from a long line of pie-making and pie-eating dutch women!  There usually has to be a good reason for me to make it, like Thanksgiving, or an abundance of rhubarb.  🙂  The fun thing about pies though, is the more you make them the better you get at it, and it’s good to be familiar with how to make a good dough and master pie crust.

You can find the recipe over at my cousin’s blog, Born in the Wrong Century.  🙂

Rhubarb Orange Butter

Just made a little batch of Rhubarb Orange Butter from my cousin’s recipe. This is actually the first time I’ve made a fruit butter. Our rhubarb plant is on it’s second season so I only took a few big red stalks from it, can’t wait until next year when it will give me a lot to use! So I picked up some more at the farmer’s market to do this recipe. Although I only got three half-pint jars of it canned, with one pint in the fridge to enjoy now, I’d have to say it was worth it since it got me broken in for the canning season. And we can enjoy some of this Spring-Summer goodness, it’s like candy!
(Please pardon the poor quality photos, I took them with the ol’ cell phone)…

I switched it up to 2 lbs rhubarb and 5 oranges, and like Nichole, used raw honey, which I highly recommend picking some of that goodness up if you come across a honey farm. It’s like caramel and the hubby and I act like a couple of honey bears when we’re around the big container.

Thanks for the recipe Nichole… now I’m ready to make some crabapple butter with all the crabapples we’ll be getting from our new tree. 🙂