An Overdue Update

Wow I can’t believe how much I have abandoned my blog during this pregnancy.  I haven’t visited or posted on here in the last 2 1/2 months!  I guess we’ll just call it an unannounced maternity leave.  Time has been going by so quickly this summer, and I guess I have somewhat lost interest and had my mind on other things.  And I must say that since the beginning of the pregnancy, I have sort of lost my creative spark in the kitchen.  I know, it is sad.  In the beginning I had a very picky appetite, although no problems with nausea or morning sickness.  Then my appetite and taste for food got more normal but cooking has just seemed like more work than it ever did before.  Other than my creative spunk in the kitchen, or lack of, there has been plenty of other fun things to post on so I think I have some catching up to do.

I know, enough excuses already, but I also must say that I always heard about ‘pregnancy brain’ before and thought it was sort of just a joke.  I’m telling you, it is real.  It is very REAL!  I won’t have my husband get on here to tell stories and examples, but will just say it is real, it’s not really funny, and maybe has something to do with neglecting the blog.  =)

I should start with a little update on this season’s gardening.  Honestly, my energy and effort in the garden has been much the same as in the kitchen.  Again, sad.  This summer we have had 90 degree weather all day every day for a while now so I tend to stay out of the heat and go in the garden right when the mosquitos want to come out and run me out of there.

My sunflowers are probably my favorite thing in the garden this year.  They now stand tall and make me happy.  I’ll definitely have to plant a bunch of them from now on!

And then of course the berries!  Processing of them has so far consisted of eating them fresh and sticking the rest in the freezer. =)

Had plenty of strawberries to enjoy too…

Our tomato bed sort of exploded with all the sunny hot days we’ve had, and is now full of green tomatoes..

And we are still enjoying some Chioggia Beets and some carrots.  I don’t think they did as great as we got them the last couple summers, I’m thinking it’s because every day this spring was rainy and then it seemed to switch overnight to being 90 degrees and hot everyday…

The peas did pretty well too.  Oh and my lavender from last year came back, and blew up…

So the garden has not got all the TLC this year that it has deserved and needed, I suppose I should get out there and pick more raspberries and pull some weeds.

I will be back soon to post updates on the progress in the baby’s room.  It’s a work in progress, and slow going, but I have a lovely vision for it and I’ll soon share pictures of the improvements along the way.  =)

8 responses to “An Overdue Update

  1. Your garden looks beautiful, Heather! Mine was looking good, but now it is everything in my yard is suffering from heat stress. We had 104 and 105 degree temperatures last week. This week is “only” supposed to be in the high 90’s.

  2. Looks good! Did you dry any of your lavender to put into desserts?

  3. oh WOW, your garden is spectacular! Glad you are having a healthy pregnancy, and no doubt all that homegrown fresh fruit and veg will go a long way to nourishing you and your little one!

    • Thanks =) We didn’t keep up on it as much as usual, but still managed to get some good berries and veggies. Yes, I think that healthy, fresh produce to enjoy is one bonus of a summer pregnancy, just need to get past that picky appetite and lack of energy!

  4. Heatherrrr!!! Your garden, oh my gosh!!! I’m in love! I’m doing some rearranging in my garden this year to try to make it a bit more organized but THIS, this is masterpiece quality. Seriously, well done lady! We just got some raspberries to plant also so I’m hoping for a nice big berry harvest like yours come next year. Happy spring to you guys! 🙂

    • Haha, thanks Tisse! This was the status of our garden two summers ago when I was pregnant, and I don’t know if I’d say masterpiece quality haha, it actually got a bit of neglect because of said pregnancy!! But still did pretty well with all the sunshine. Raspberries are so great and easy to grow, they come back every year bigger and better! So excited for the sunshine and fresh garden goods in the next months!! Thanks for stopping by my ol’ neglected blog lovely lady! 🙂

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