MMM Malabrigo

Today I picked up a new skein of yarn.  Some beautiful Malabrigo sock yarn for my new project.

My soon-to-be Whisper cardigan, that is.  I am so excited about the yarn, the color, and the cardi.  Perfect for Summer, and nearly year-round.  I was going for summery colors, and wanted to try and steer away from my ‘usual’ colors I go for, which tend to be in the wine/red/purple realm.  I didn’t get too far from that, but this just kept jumping out at me.  It kept me thinking of summer sunsets, tropical drinks, and sangria.  Yum!  I couldn’t resist.

This knitting project marks the beginning of something new, a new hobby.  Really, I do not need another hobby, but this is one I’ve been wanting to take up and get into for a long time now.

Hubby and I just recently got a new camera.  We’ve wanted to get a good one that we’d have for long-term and be able to take good photos with, and so I can learn and pursue something I have a passion for.  It is awesome, I’m in love and so excited!

I love photography, and dating back to my college days about 7-ish years ago, have been wanting to learn and hone my photography skills . I always wanted to fit in a photography class into my schedule every semester and never did it.  So now I am finally venturing in.

Just finding my way around the big boy of a camera and having fun with it.  I am going to be using it all the time, practicing, teaching myself, reading, and maybe I’ll take a class this Fall.  And what better time than now to start practicing, with the 4th of July, a long weekend with family, and with summer finally starting.

Well you’ll be seeing some knitting and lots of (better) photos on here.  🙂

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